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Since 1999, I am serving as editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed magazine PACIFIC GEOGRAPHIES. It is still fun.

Mekong Delta Demographics – Map Collection

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The maps above have been created as part of consultancy work for Mekong Delta Regional Plan 2030 with a Vision till 2050 – on behalf of RUA, Belgium and the Southern Institute of Spatial Planning (SISP), Ho Chi Minh City.

Timeline Photos Urban Vietnam

Vietnam I

Vietnam II

Vietnam III – Black & White

Vietnam IV – Modern & Tropical Architecture

Vietnam V

Vietnam VI

Vietnam VII

Vietnam VIII

Vietnam IX – Markets

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Vietnam X

Vietnam XI

Vietnam XII – Ancient Quarter of Hà Nội – Black & White

Vietnam XIII – Pagodas of Cholon

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Vietnam XIV – Hà Nội at Night

Vietnam XV – Real & Virtual Impressions

Vietnam XVI – Moments of Bliss

Vietnam XVII – Faces of Vietnam

Vietnam XVIII – Beautiful Dalat

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Vietnam XIX – Long Bien Bridge Hà Nội & Surroundings

Vietnam XX – 1.000 năm Thăng Long – Hà Nội

Cambodia I

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Cambodia II – Angkor Temple Sites

Cambodia III – Angkor Temple Site – Bayon

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Cambodia IV – Faces of Cambodia

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Living Myanmar I

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Myanmar II

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Spiritual Myanmar III (2002)

Impressions of Myanmar IV (2002)

Sculptures of Myanmar V

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Myanmar VI

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China I: Hutongs of Beijing between Redevelopment and Gentrification

China II: Creative and Cultural Spaces within Urban Redevelopment Sites

more photos of Michael Waibel from Beijing 798 Art Zone on flickr


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